Up & Away Single Row
Up & Away Single Row
Up & Away Single Row
Up & Away Single Row
Up & Away Single Row
Up & Away Single Row
Up & Away Single Row

Up & Away Single Row

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Honey Possum Handmade Creations


Modern cloth nappies OSFM (one size fits most)

Single Row Snaps 4-15+Kg

Double Row Snaps 4-22+ Kg

Easy to use and easy to clean hand made using the highest quality materials including Australian soured PUL (Polurethane Laminate) for the outer shell which is soft and breathable but allows the skin to breath to help reduce nappy rash but keeps the moisture in. Plus they are great for children toilet training as it feels like undies and they can feel themselves wee. 

We use Suede cloth or Athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) in our nappy liners 

Each nappy includes - PUL Coloured/ patterned nappy shell

                                    - 2 inserts made from 2 layered 500gms Bamboo, 1 snake (longer one) as well as one booster held together with a snap inside the pocket. This are easy to remove for washing.

Fitting is easy with the rage of different snaps to choose the right fit for your baby/ Child's shape and can be easily changed as they grow. 

* Some nappies have a seam which is put in so the pattern is facing up but is sewed together with a French fold and sew to make sure no leaking will happen. 

No pins, folding or soaking needed! 

Care for your modern cloth nappy- https://cleanclothnappies.com

Not sure about something or want some more pictures please send us a message. 

** Special offer..

Buy 5 get the carry bag for $20 or buy 8 get the carry bag for FREE

Carry bag can be made in any design!  

Want to take advantage of the offers please get in contact with us before check out!